Gaia Products

Gaia Products offers you the best available solutions regarding food add-ons for animals and plants, health and specialised lighting based on plasma technology.

Why Choose Our Products?

We at Gaia Products NL are only offering organic and natural products from trusted & proven sources. We follow the full chain from seed to produce and packaging to assure the best possible quality in our products and to be honest to the people involved in the production.

We also sell products from produce from out partners where we assess the full chain from their soil to the handling of the produce and the final products.

All food supplements, plant food and soil-improvement products on this site are 100% biological, organic and/or natural. 

About Us


store owner

A few years ago the founder of Gaia Products NL was experiencing multiple family-members and friends who fell sick to cancer. This caused him to start to study on the origins of cancer and other diseases. He discovered that one of the major factors on the development of cancer is the food that we eat and the chemicals we eat and drink by free will or ignorance. The only way to assure that you will have good nutrients is by fully controlling the whole chain from seed, soil, plant food and supplies, to your plate, cup or glass.

He discovered and invented ways to improve the quality of life by setting up his own food-lines, researched the benefits of alternative medication, some of them already known to mankind for over thousands of years. And he discovered that he could help people to produce healthier food and start using healthier supplements to eventually improve the quality of life. 

This caused him to found Gaia Products NL. And Gaia Products will only sell products that will contribute to your quality of life!

General disclaimer: none of our products are medications and will not replace any regular medications. Please contact your specialist in case of any physical complaints.